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Airis Vigor 510 Thread Best Vape Pen Battery For THC Oil Cartridges

Airistech Vigor 510 Thread Battery is a pen-style Battery which has slim body. It has 650mAh / 900mAh built-in battery and three adjustable voltage.

To change Voltage level click the power button 3 times quickly and the LED light will change color to indicate the current setting, Green: 3.4V, Blue: 3.7V, Red: 4.2V. To use the Pre-Heat function click the power button 2 times quickly and it will fire at a low voltage for 10 seconds. With a standard 510 connection, this battery is compatible with almost every available cartridge.
  • Airis Vigor 510 CBD THC Vape Battery

  • Blizzard Vape

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JPOD (1)delta 8 disposable vape pod

Custom Service

1. MOQ: Sample order

2. OEM: 1000 pcs for full spectrum cbd vape cartridges buy. Sample can be provided.

3. ODM: 500-1000 kits, keep your design privately. And won't supply it to others.

4. Provide designed package depends on your needs.

Best Service

1. We operate 24/7. Any requires would be responded immediately.

2.  We make OEM and ODM service for more than 8 years.

3.  All your information and design would be kept confidential.

4.  If our products have any problem that we caused, replacement would be offered on next order.

After-sale Service

1. We will replace the broken parts in next order.

2. Choose the cheapest and safest shipping company.

3. Track the shipping status and keep you updated until you receive the packages.

4. Instructions would be provided if you not sure how to use the products

Payment Method

1. We accept ,T/T,Western Union and paypal.

2. 100% payment for little value bill; 30% deposit and 70% before shipping for big value bill.

1.Why does my vape pen battery keep blinking?

A:The most common reason for vape pen blinking is a dead battery. Fortunately, you just need to charge your e-cig to solve this problem. This is easy; look for any USB ports on the vape pen and plug it into a charger. These ports are commonly found at the bottom of your vaping device.

2.How long do vape pen batteries last?

A:Though they have their benefits (discrete, easy to use, rechargeable), vape pen batteries have one downfall: they have a relatively short lifespan. Vape pen batteries can last anywhere from 4-6 months to over a year, depending on how well you take care of your battery.

3.How to check vape pen battery?

A:If the charger is working properly, the small LED will glow red if the vape battery is charging or green if the vape battery is fully charged. If the charger's LED doesn't light up at all when the battery is attached, it may be that there is a problem with the USB port/power source you have connected it to.

4.Are vape pen batteries universal?

A:While 510 battery connections are designed to be universal, there are other things to consider. Many 510 thread vape batteries will come with an adaptor that will allow you to fit various sizes of cartridges..

5.Can any vape cartridge attach to any pen battery?

A:Always Use the Right Batteries For a vape pen to work, it must be compatible with the voltage capacity of the cartridge. One way to ensure that one is getting the right vape batteries is to check if they are of the appropriate specs for a cartridge

6.How does a vape pen battery work?

A;So the process starts as the flower or oil is held in the chamber or the tank of the pen, and once you press the button, the battery activates the atomizer, which in turn, heats up the vapor. You get to inhale this vapor through the mouthpiece.

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