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Pen Capacity: 1ml

Battery: 280mAh

Resistance: 1.4ohms

Rechargeable: Yes

Flavour/Strain: Mike Larry, LA Kush Cake, Sour Apple Killer, Jungle Cake, Space Age Cake, Strawberry Shortcake, Jungle Apples, High Octane, Wedding Cake.

This product does NOT contain THC. This product comes unfilled, empty and ready for the buyer to fill.
  • Jungle boys bar disposable vape pod

  • Blizzard Vape

1 Gram Empty Rechargeable Jungle Boys Disposable Vape Pen Battery

Item Name Jungle Boys Disposable Delta 8 HHC THCO Vape Pod Device
  1. Rechargeable

  2. Custom logo and package highly welcomed

  3. Can work with CBD/THC/Delta 8/Delta 9/Delta 10 etc different oils

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jungle boys bar disposable (2)jungle boys bar disposable (3)

vape cartridge

disposable cbd vape pod

Custom Service

1. MOQ: Sample order

2. OEM: 1000 pcs for disposable cbd vape pod. Sample can be provided.

3. ODM: 500-1000 kits, keep your design privately. And won't supply it to others.

4. Provide designed package depends on your needs.

Best Service

1. We operate 24/7. Any requires would be responded immediately.

2.  We make OEM and ODM service for more than 8 years.

3.  All your information and design would be kept confidential.

4.  If our products have any problem that we caused, replacement would be offered on next order.

After-sale Service

1. We will replace the broken parts in next order.

2. Choose the cheapest and safest shipping company.

3. Track the shipping status and keep you updated until you receive the packages.

4. Instructions would be provided if you not sure how to use the products.

Payment Method

1. We accept ,T/T , Western Union and paypal.

2. 100% payment for little value bill; 30% deposit and 70% before shipping for big value bill.

1.What is disposable cbd vape pod?

This all-in-one device includes a battery and a pod. There are two kinds of disposable cbd vape pod, rechargeable and non-rechargeable, Different capacity(0.5ML/0.8ML/1.0ML/2.0ML)make it more popular on the market.

2.Can i custom disposable cbd vape pod with my own logo and package ?

Yes.absolutely okay.Please send your logo and package design file(PSD/AI/PDF/PNG)to us for cbd vape pod sample making.

3.Where i can buy disposable delta 8 pod?

Blizzard vape is always be with you.Welcome to choose the cbd pod device you want.

4.Why my delta 8 thc pods is full charged and light is normal but do not hit?

a.Low quality battery ,for THC CBD Disposable pens ,the working current is 3A.

But some low quality battery can only supply 2A or 1A current,

if it is 2A it may wokrs but the vapor is small.If it is 1A it may donot work.

b.The Heating Coil Contection Broken.

c. The control board met problems

d. The oil leaked to the board

5. What kind of oil your disposable cbd vape pod work with?

Our disposable cbd mod pod can with many different oils like CBD/THC-O/Delta 8/Dleta 9/Dleta 10/HHC/Thick or thin oils.Please pay attention to your oil kind when you choose disposable cbd vaporizer pod.

6.What is a pod system vape?

Pod system vapes contain a battery that is rechargeable and a pod that is filled with cannabis oil. Once the pod is emptied it is disposed of and replaced with a new pod. Like most 510-threaded vapes, pod systems are often highly portable and discreet to use and store.

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