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2.0ML Refillable Ccell Vape Cartridges EmptyTHC Oil Carts

Ccell TH2 Oil Cartridges use a unique and state-of-the-art ceramic atomizer, glass tank, and your choice of ceramic ,metal or wood mouthpiece.Available in 0.4ML/0.5ML/0.8ML/1.0ML/2.0ML capacities.Fit for 510 thread vape carts battery.
Cartridge Capacity:
  • 2ML ccell cartridge th2

  • Blizzard Vape

2 Gram Ccell TH2 510 Cartridge
2ml ccell ceramic coil cartridge THC Vape Cartridge Fit For CBD THC Delta 8 Oils. It is a high quality vape cartridge compatible with standard vape pens.We supply different versions for Delta 8 /Delta 9 / Delta 10 THC / HHC / THCO Oils.
A better vaping experience begins with the technology used in the cartridge. Our premium 510 empty vape cartridges feature atomizers assembled without glue, increasing vapor production and flavor from your oil. Its no-wick design helps eliminate burnt and unwarranted tastes. Our cartridges are routinely lab tested for heavy metals and are guaranteed leak-proof when appropriately used.
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What Customers Say
  • Emberlynn From Chile--timely market news
    Blizzard can always grasp the latest product information on the market and communicate it to me in the first time, and I can also seize the market of the latest product in time, so as to obtain considerable profits and orders
  • Ricardo From Mexico--Fast Delivery
    Yeah,i mean Blizzard always send my order very fast.Save my time and money
  • Freyja From America--Very Good Service
    Have an excellent after-sales service team to ensure that the first time to solve customer after-sales problems.

1.Where To Buy Cell Cartridge?

A:Blizzard vape is best place to buy ccell cartridges.Welcome to custom your logo/capacity and package.

2.What is a ccell half gram cartridge?

A:CCELL is short for Ceramic Cell. This  technology created specifically for powering cannabis vape pens, utilizes a ceramic cartridge with a coil-embedded heating element. The ceramic heating elements have improved upon the previous cotton-wicking technology, making oil burn by drawing it in inconsistently.

3.How long do ccell cartridges last?

A:Our cartridges vaporize oil at a consistent rate of 5mg per 3-second draw. Based on this level of consumption,a 0.5mL cartridge would last approximately 100 draws.

4.How to fill ccell cartridge bulk?

a.Note the capacity of the cartridge you're filling. Most vape cartridges are designed to hold 0.5 or 1.0 ml of oil.

b.Draw that amount of oil into a blunt-tip syringe.

c.Insert the tip of the syringe between the cartridge's center airflow hole and outer wall.

d.Dispense the oil into the cartridge. The cartridge may appear to have a little room remaining at the top; that's normal.Don't overfill the cartridge.

e.Twist the cartridge's mouthpiece back on.

f.Wait at least 30 minutes before vaping.

5.Are ccell cartridge 1 gram refillable?

A:Refillable Oil Cartridge

TH2 carts have a screw-in mouthpiece with a silicone bottom seal.This makes it ideal for refilling with cannabis oil distillate. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean that they can be refilled time after time. In fact,CCell doesn't recommend using them more than once.

6.Are there 2 gram ccell cartridges?

A;Yes.Blizzard Vape offer it.

Custom Service

1. MOQ: Sample order

2. OEM: 1000 pcs for full spectrum cbd vape cartridges buy. Sample can be provided.

3. ODM: 500-1000 kits, keep your design privately. And won't supply it to others.

4. Provide designed package depends on your needs.

Best Service

1. We operate 24/7. Any requires would be responded immediately.

2.  We make OEM and ODM service for more than 8 years.

3.  All your information and design would be kept confidential.

4.  If our products have any problem that we caused, replacement would be offered on next order.

After-sale Service

1. We will replace the broken parts in next order.

2. Choose the cheapest and safest shipping company.

3. Track the shipping status and keep you updated until you receive the packages.

4. Instructions would be provided if you not sure how to use the products

Payment Method

1. We accept ,T/T,Western Union and paypal.

2. 100% payment for little value bill; 30% deposit and 70% before shipping for big value bill.