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Are Disposable Vapes Getting Banned? What Should I Switch Too?

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Are Disposable Vapes Getting Banned? What Should I Switch Too?

On Monday, you may have heard the announcement that disposable vapes will eventually be banned as part of a government strategy to counter the increasing number of young people taking up vaping. Although this was no surprise to vape industry members who had heard this news for quite some time prior to official confirmation from government, but we were relieved when this news finally hit mainstream news sources and it became official! Luckily, however, there will be at least six months for businesses and organizations adapt once new legislation passes; no need to panic buy!

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Will People Switch Back To Cigarettes If Disposable Vapes Are Banned?

Thanks to modern vape innovation,there are now numerous smoking alternatives on the market-not only reusable vapes but disposable cbd vape pens and cartridges as well. Most people using disposable vapes should be able to find suitable or even better ways of helping themselves quit smoking through innovative disposable alternatives such as those listed below; we even wrote a full blog post dedicated to this subject matter!

CBD Disposable Vape Pod

The UK hemp products market is one of the largest worldwide,with strong interest in CBD being seen across all global markets.CBD does not fall under British law as a controlled substance -these products do not contain any harmful substances - so before purchasing one you must go to an official supplier and purchase your CBD oil from them.

Overall,we believe this ban to be positive and an improvement for both children and vaping industry as a whole.

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