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North American Cannabis Vaping Market Continues To Boom

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North American Cannabis Vaping Market Continues To Boom

Cannabis Festival 420 is a good day for the cannabis industry. As the first country in the world to legalize marijuana, Canada is one of the top traffic countries in the marijuana circle. As a comprehensive benchmark country for the development of the cannabis industry, the United States is the top of the cannabis circle. For a long time, Canada and the United States have attracted countless attention with the concept of open and free cannabis. During the hot period, they dominated the world with astonishing cannabis sales. On the 420, North America once again showed good results to the world, and cannabis sales soared. What's more, Blizzard vape reads in it the continued boom in the marijuana vaping market.

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The prospects for the North American cannabis vaping sector remain bright as the market continues to be hot. Whether it is the product performance of the 420 Cannabis Festival just past, or the presentation of market data in the United States and Canada in 2021, or the classification trend of different categories of products, it clearly tells us in front of the screen that Vape is wonderful and not to be missed.

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The annual 420 Cannabis Festival is a special cannabis industry festival, according to a Flash released on April 26 by Akerna (MJ Freeway and MTech merged in 2010 to support cannabis industry data analysis and robust inventory tracking) according to the latest High Times report. The sales figures published in the Express report set a new record for this year's April 20 sales - a combined $154.4 million in U.S. recreational and medical marijuana sales. Akerna reported that it netted a total of $485.3 million for the weekend leading up to April 20 (April 15 to April 20). Akerna predicts that product popularity starts with flowers (48.11%), followed by vape cartridges/pens (31.66%), concentrates (11.63%), edibles (6.87%), infused non-edibles (0.71%) and non-edibles (0.71%) Other drugs (1.01%). It can be seen that in addition to the old marijuana flowers, Vape accounts for 31.66%, which is indeed very popular with consumers!

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In both the US and Canada, 1g packs have made significant strides. Consumer groups are increasingly preferring to use one-gram packs, as they see longer lifespans and more cost-effectiveness, rather than the half-gram sizes that initially dominated the market. According to the Headset report, in the United States, the 1g package size accounted for 64.4% of annual sales, up from 55.9% in 2020, accounting for nearly two-thirds of national sales. In Canada, 1g e-cigarette popularity soared to 36.5% from 4.1% in 2020 (a more than 790% year-over-year increase), but it only really started to rise in the fourth quarter, during which time 1g pack sizes accounted for all e-cigarettes The average purchase volume is 49.6%.

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Total California revenue surpassed the $1 billion mark set a year ago, thanks to 35.9 million products sold, according to the Headset report. Nearly two-thirds of these products are 1g, and over the past four years, 1g's market share has steadily increased by about 10%, of which 89.1% are ink cartridges. Disposable e-cigarette sales hit an all-time high, accounting for more than 10% of total e-cigarette sales in California for the first time. Active resin extracts, the fastest growing product segment in the industry, continue to thrive with over $365 million in revenue.

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